Stylish New Lives For Old Vinyl Records

Inspired by a life-long passion for music, I built a small workshop in the back of my garage in 2013, and have been making music-inspired art and gifts for friends and family ever since. Exploring new possibilities with vinyl records and vintage sheet music, I specialise in original designs using reclaimed materials that I source locally across Norfolk – metallic fruit bowls, letter racks, guitar pick clocks, and anything that’s useful or decorative.

Proof that you can do a lot with a little heat - vinyl record bowls for everyday storage

Refining my ideas by connecting with other makers has helped improve the quality of my work in a big way and is something I’d recommend to other makers. With meetups, forums, and social media, there’s no need to go it alone.

It’s interesting how critics and negative comments can help too. My designs attracted a fair amount of controversy among vinyl enthusiasts before I mentioned that the records are unplayable and destined for landfill. Adding this information into product descriptions has now helped vinyl enthusiasts become one of the fastest-growing groups of customers.

Retro letter racks from vinyl records and pallet pine

For the new year, I’m looking forward to experimenting with larger projects like furniture and art installations, growing my Etsy store, and getting in touch with my local makerspace to benefit from their awesome power tools.

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