Robot sunglasses

In the last few days before earth is consumed in a merciful ball of fire, the globe will experience strange weather phenomena. Pricipally, it's hot all the time, and if you go outside, there's a massive glowing ball sending radiation right at you.

Wouldn't it be great to have a pair of glasses that automatically detects when we're in direct sunlight and uses a servo to lower a protective shade when we're in the sun?

You think so too? Well, we're in luck.

Step forward Ashraf Minhaj, creator of these brilliant robotic sunglasses. Take it away, Ashraf…

"I am a first-year Computer Science student. I love to make robots and program them. I want to build my career in AI and robotics, and am also interested to work anywhere with anyone in robotics.

"I believe everything can be turned into a robot or automated machine.That’s why, when the idea came up, I took an Arduino a 10 kΩ resistor, LDR and a servo motor, and made this – an automatic, robotically-controlled pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes if it gets too bright. I believe I can make anything if I have an idea."

Sunglasses 2

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