Objet 3d'art – Third Thumb & Battery Holder

If your worktop is anything like ours, you’ll have loads of batteries rolling around with no order, no idea of how many you have, and no idea which ones are dead, which are almost new, and which you’ve already tested.

Enter this neat battery holder from Thingiverse user Adoniram, which has holes for screw-mounting into a wall, or will sit on your desk. It’s made up of three parts that are friction fit, and there are also tabs to glue them together.


3D Printing supplied by 3D Hubs

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The Third Thumb by Dani Clode

Image: Dani Clode

The Third Thumb, by London-based product designer, challenges the perception of prosthetics, reframing them as body enhancements rather than medical devices. With sophisticated design sensibilities and a focus on empowering people, Dani’s assistive wearable projects are thoughtful, beautiful, and clever.

The device comprises three parts: a motor housing, sensor housing, and the thumb itself, which is printed from 85A shore (very flexible) Ninjaflex filament.


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