Objet 3d'art

There are many cases available for the various incarnations of the Raspberry Pi, but this is one of the cleanest we’ve seen (hsmag.cc/wDHaKP). Thingiverse user Walter created this simple sleeve to protect his Raspberry Pi B+. It’s in two parts: a small cap that fits around the Ethernet and USB sockets, and a larger sleeve that the Pi slides into.

There are no holes to provide access to the GPIO headers, but the files are licensed CC-BY-SA, so you’re welcome to modify it to your needs.

3D printed clamp

A 3D printed screw clamp sounds like a completely impractical idea, so hats off to jakejake, who designed each part of this clamp (hsmag.cc/JPdFkL) with the grain of the print in mind to provide the necessary strength. Like the case below, we’ve printed it in 100 micron PLA.

It looks to us like a grown-up version of a toy, so would be ideal for any small engineers who need clamp you can trust won’t damage your surfaces.

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