Kitty Yeung's Crazy Circuits Dress

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Technology and clothing is a great combination. With a little conductive thread, you can link up sensors and displays to create fashion unobtainable on the highstreet. We caught up with Kitty Yeung to find out about this eye-catching dress.

This dress uses my painting of flowers as the fabric. I cut the fabric according to the outlines of the flowers and stitched them into a dress. There are LEDs embedded underneath the flowers to light up like fireflies. The LEDs blink according to the wearer’s heart rate, which is detected with an DFRobot EKG monitor. The microcontroller is an Arduino Nano, with Crazy Circuits’ sewing breakout board. There are also additional LEDs under the tulles. The circuit is constructed with Crazy Circuits’ sewing components and conductive tapes.

I recently published the construction process and story online at

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