Kickstarting now: modular transport devices from Infento

Infento gives kids the ability to hack their own transport. It’s a set of parts that’s designed to be built into different modes of transport to get children around. You need just an Allen key to put everything together, so it’s great for a parent-child building project.

There are different Infento kits, with different capabilities and different price ranges. The Explorer (ages 0–8), and Pioneer (ages 6–14), are the basic kits at $179 each. They offer six and seven different buggies respectively. Beyond this, there are four larger kits that give you more possibilities, including the Volt (ages 4–14, $799) which adds an electric motor and control gubbins. As well as the kits, you can get add-ons for snow and LEDs.

Infento Roller-3458

The great thing about the kits is that, while there are some recommended ways of building them, they’re still flexible enough to enable you to hack them in different ways. See the community showing off their builds at
Infento aims to walk a fine line of being easy to get started, fun for children, and still hackable enough to let your creative spirit shine through. We haven’t got our hands on one of the kits, so we can’t say if they achieve this or not, but if they do, it’ll be a great product to get a new generation making.

From $179 Delivery: September 2018

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