3D Print your own bird feeder

Nature is well and truly up the metaphorical creek. Due to a combination of agricultural monocultures and pesticide use, flying insect numbers have declined by a catastrophic amount. This is having knock-on effects on all sorts of wildlife, including birds. With nothing to eat, they’re dying out. Farmland birds in Britain have declined by over 50% since 1970, and the decline is even more pronounced in countries with bigger farms, such as Germany and France.

We can do something about it though. John Beardon has produced a hanging bird feeder that combines our love of nature and alcohol, being built as it is around a screw-cap wine bottle. He’s even made a bespoke funnel for filling the bottle with nuts and seeds.

Download the 3D designs and help feed the birds at https://hsmag.cc/pPAYgY

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