Weekend accessories for the discerning geek

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

You might have seen some of Angela Sheehan's stuff popping up on social media. She's a product manager and e-textile specialist at SparkFun electronics, and that means she's always coming up with new ways to hack ordinary clothes and make them extraordinary – including these awesome shoes. Take it away, Angela…

I found this wild pairs of heart-shaped heels and augmented them with custom, programmable infinity mirrors. I used a laser cutter to precisely cut mirrored acrylic to size, to fit in the heart shapes on each shoe. In between a layer of one-way and standard mirrored acrylic, are 5 mm NeoPixel LED strips, each controlled by a Qduino Mini microcontroller and programmed with Arduino, utilizing Adafruit’s NeoPixel library.

The black wedges use six custom modules that are installed into the heart cutouts. The Qduino and battery are hidden in the ankle strap.

The white wedges have one large infinity mirror installed in the heart shape, and the Qduino and battery embedded in the space cut out of the platform near the toe.
Read about how I built the project and watch a video of them in action on the SparkFun blog – hsmag.cc/TkWdbs.

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