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Steampunk Pi Enclousre

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Laser cutting is a quick way to imaginative storage boxes. We caught up with Erich Styger to find out about his Raspberry Pi case.

"This steampunk enclosure for the Raspberry Pi was laser-cut out of 4 mm birch plywood, and stained to make it look a bit more 1890s."

"It’s built to fit a Raspberry Pi with an NXP tinyK22 board and a battery backup, and there are ports artfully created into it so that the system is fully functional even when the box is closed."

The wood is painted with a walnut stain

"Those gears aren’t just for show – turn the central wheel on the front of the box to open the enclosure and get access to the electronics inside."

Erich has put the design for his enclosure on GitHub at hsmag.cc/styger