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Solenoid boxer engine

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Maker and hacker, Jony aka Maker B likes to build creative things that
have never existed before.

"A lot of the time, I just build things for fun, which I think is one thing that makes me a maker. Unlike the internal combustion engine, which uses an air/gasoline explosion to turn a crankshaft, the Solenoid Boxer 4 Engine is an electromagnetic device which pulls the piston into the cylinder, using the electromagnetic force to turn a crankshaft."

"Four microswitches are installed in the base that are pushed down by the camshaft, to actuate electromagnet according to the position of piston in cylinder."

"First, I used CAD software to design this engine, and aluminium, brass, and steel are carefully crafted into the various components of the engine using a lathe and milling machine. Lastly, all the parts are assembled with small fasteners and retaining compound."