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Solar Kitchen

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

The sun beams down huge amounts of energy, and if we can harness this, we get free, environmentally responsible power. We caught up with Luana Andrade to find out about her home made solar oven.

"The idea of this project was born in the midst of an agitated discussion on a delicate topic in my country (Peru) – inequality, both in economic situations and in regards to services. "

"We found astonishing figures that made us open our minds to different alternatives to one of the most rudimentary and basic needs, the need for food and, therefore, cooking. In particular, 25.8% of the population has no access to the most rudimentary services, such as water or electricity. When you add to that the fact that 60% of the country is at risk of malnutrition, there’s a clear need for a system that enables people to cook food cheaply and safely."

"Taking different factors into consideration, we managed to build a simple – although a bit time-consuming – and cheap solar kitchen using an umbrella, cardboard, PVC pipes, and aluminium tape, among other materials, so it would be economically accessible to most, and an efficient solution to both the lack of cooking artefacts and the lethal side-effects that coal-powered ovens can bring."

eggs in pan

For the steps involved in making this, head to www.instructables.com/id/Solar-Kitchen-english-Version/