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Sock Dolls

By Mayank Sharma. Posted

One of the most popular uses for old socks is to convert them into soft
toys. The process isn’t expensive; all it essentially requires is an odd sock and some skills with thread and needles. Singapore-based artist Lee Wai Han is very passionate about transforming socks into cute dolls. She has been doing it for a long time, and has an impressive portfolio over at DeviantArt.

She created the owls with an ankle-length sock that she first turned inside out, before sewing it close to the top and snipping away the rest.

She then snipped the toes and filled the sock with cotton, while shaping it and then sewed it shut. This created the basic head of the owl, and she glued eyes, nose, and a mouth to complete the look.

While the exact steps for creating the dolls vary, the general principle
remains the same. Also, you can create the dolls with any socks, but by carefully selecting the socks, Lee is able to use the patterns on them to accentuate the design of the doll. You can obviously use a plain white one and just glue or sew on the elements once the basic structure of the doll’s head is ready.