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Review: mePed v2 quadruped walking robot

By Marc de Vinck. Posted

The mePed v2 quadruped walking robot is one of our favourite bots. Not because it’s the fastest or strongest, but because of the completeness of the kit and especially the price. The kit includes everything you need to build a fully functioning, remote-controlled quadruped. For anyone looking to get into DIY bot building, this is a great place to start.

The mePed v2 is also open-source, so you can easily modify the structure, electronics, and code to your specifications. You can do a lot of things with just the on-board Arduino-compatible microcontroller and ultrasonic sensor, but you could also upgrade it to something more powerful, like the new Pico. Head over to the product page to download the code to learn more about how this robot works.



Not many walking bots include everything, but this one does!

MEPED | $79.97 | tindie.com

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