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Ramen Bowl Lamp

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

This bowl looks good enough to eat, so we caught up with Ramenkingandi to find out the thought process behind the build.

"Although my online persona, Ramenkingandi, was inspired by a book with the same title, I do have a great fondness for the noodle-bricks that got me through college. So when I realized the standing lamp in my living room bore an uncanny resemblance to the oversized bowls featured at my favorite ramen restaurant, I knew I had to create this quirky lamp."

"As a hobbyist who dabbles in everything from cosplay to sculpting, I had almost everything I needed to complete this project on hand, so I begin work as soon as inspiration struck."

"First, the store-bought standing lamp was deconstructed, and the base and the bowl-shaped lampshade were repurposed to create the structure of the ramen bowl. The traditional light bulb was replaced with yellow LED stip lighting, both for their color and their long lifespan, and the remaining ramen ingredients – including pork slices, fish cake, and boiled eggs – were made from polymer clay, resin, and a small assortment of found objects."

Ramenkingandi won a prize in the Insructables Colour of the Rainbow contest.