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Potion of Healing

By Alex J'rassic . Posted

Dungeon Master Alex J’rassic decided to treat her players to this handmade Potion of Healing dice shaker ahead of their new campaign. For the uninitiated, Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game, where players work together to complete missions using logic and dice rolls.

When their health is low, usually due to conflict or a poorly cast spell, players need to rest or consume Potions of Healing to regain hit points, and the strength and rarity of the potion dictates the number of four-sided (d4) dice a player rolls.

Part-filled with coloured resin and loaded with dice, the small, glass bottle is complete with a coffee-stained, custom-designed label that contains all the information a player needs to use the potion, and a list of the types of damage their character may receive.

Alex made a video of how she created the Potion of Healing for her YouTube channel, and you can get your own from her Etsy store.

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