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Objet 3d' art

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

There are many custom keypads out there, but this one is unique: it uses nine mechanical CHERRY MX switches for a chunky, clicky feel, controlled by a Raspberry Pi Pico to interpret these clicks into useful commands.

Instead of a PCB, with its layers of copper, substrate (usually fibreglass), solder mask, and silkscreen, Reddit user duzitbetter 3D-printed a thin layer that holds the Pico in place, as well as the wires that connect to the keys. With just nine keys to wire up, this method makes sense – it’s actually a throwback to point-to-point wiring, as seen in high-end audio appliances (if you have an especially high-end guitar amp or an old radio, you most likely own an example of point-to-point wiring).

The keycaps and the enclosure for the device are all 3D-printed, giving this object a lovely lo-fi feel, despite the high-tech nature of what it does.

Controlled by Raspberry Pi Pico

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