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NES project

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

In this build, Wes Swain has reanimated the dead husk of an old Nintendo Entertainment System and replaced the guts with... a NES Classic Edition, the new version of this classic console that Nintendo released in 2016.

Wes has made several improvements. He’s added a projector, so you don’t even need a screen to play – a friend wearing a white shirt will suffice. He’s added conductive charging to the wireless controllers and to the console itself, so the whole thing is portable, rechargeable, and battery-powered.

The build had a few ground rules, the first of which, do no harm, is what Wes calls the geek Hippocratic Oath. No vintage hardware was killed in the making of this project – in fact, while sourcing parts for the build, Wes managed to fix two ‘broken’ NES consoles he bought off eBay.