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Minifig board

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

We’ve been spending a lot of time looking at Raspberry Pi Pico over the last few weeks, but you don’t need to be an established computer manufacturer to take an existing chip and a few components and combine them on a custom PCB... Bingo! You’ve got a development board.

It sounds simple, and in theory, it is, but in practice, it isn’t – there’s a huge amount about this to get right, which is why we say yay for the likes of SparkFun, Adafruit, et al., who make things for us.

So many makers get bitten by the LEGO bug - it must have inspired a healthy chunk of global manufacturing

Benjamin Shockley has created his own line of ARM Cortex boards that you can program in either Arduino or CircuitPython. More important than that, they show that when you’re not trying to maximise manufacturing efficiencies, you can make boards any shape you want.

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