Marbled Umbrellas

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

After experimenting with paper, shells and shoes, Instructables user JyotiYadav was on the look out for something new to marble. "Then I had the 'Eureka' moment. Marbling on umbrellas. It was the perfect surface for doing marbling as the flat surface of the umbrella wouldn't distort the design."

The process involves filling a basin with water and sprinkling paint on top to create the swirls. To stop the umbrella tilting to one side when you push it into the colourful water, JyotiYadav made a metal frame to distribute the force evenly across the surface.

Marbling the Umbrella

Instructions for decorating these umbrellas are on Instructables where it won Grand Prize in the Paint Challenge. They are also available at JyotiYadav's Etsy shop.

And if you have any old umbrellas that you'd like to upcycle, Mayank Sharma shares 4 imaginative ways to do it in our latest issue (pages 70-73).

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