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Making an egg-inspired bowl

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Resin and wood can be best friends. With a little skill and imagination, resin can help old or split wood not only be used, but impart character to objects like this 'Dinosaur Egg' bowl. We caught up with Jeremy Payne to find out a bit more about this build.

Making interesting and fun projects to me is an addiction. I mainly make wood and wood/epoxy
hybrid projects. I also really enjoy teaching others new techniques and ideas for projects they can make themselves. To do this, I post to both YouTube (JPayne Woodworking) and Instagram (@jpaynewoodworking).

This dinosaur egg bowl is made with spalted maple that was from a tree cut down in a friend’s yard. Seeing the shattered top of the tree gave me the idea to try casting the shattered cracks in epoxy, and turn a bowl from it using simple things like packing tape and epoxy. While I had a shape in mind, I did not realise until it was finished how much like a cracking dinosaur egg it would look. Making the bowl was truly a blast, and was a lot more work than it might look, taking around five hours of turning on the lathe to complete.