HackSpace magazine

Laser-cut Jewellery

By Sophy Wong. Posted

Jewellery should be shiny by default – but what if you could make it light up? That’s exactly what we've has done here, with a bijou collection of NeoPixel costume jewellery. Each piece is controlled by an Adafuit Gemma M0, and coded in CircuitPython, with the jewellery itself laser-cut out of thin maple and acrylic – or whatever else you have hanging around in your local makerspace.

Each of our necklace designs consists of several layers. All have a layer that hides the electronics but shows the NeoPixels through tiny holes that align perfectly with each LED. In some cases, we added an acrylic layer on top for a little bit of diffusion. The back layer of each necklace has precise cut‐outs to hold the NeoPixels, microcontroller, and battery in place.

In Issue 19 of Hackspace Magazine, we step you through the build process for a necklace, which illustrates this layering concept. Then, you can use what you’ve learned to design your own!