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Interactive Wobble Garden

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Wobble Garden is an experimental hardware platform that invites you to explore a mysterious LED spring garden by touching and wobbling an arrangement of sensing springs. The maker, Robin Baumgarten, is an independent hardware game designer based in London. Coming from an artificial intelligence and commercial game development background, he is now building award-winning interactive installation art and experimental custom controller games.

Here he let's us know more about his current prototype which has 48 springs and LED rings and is scalable to a several-metre large installation.


"The bright and colourful lights reflect off the springs and create a unique audio- visual and tactile experience, with a selection of different modes available such as games, interactive animations, and an audio experience. The hardware is currently in development and will be made available in a modular form soon. The software will be open, so other developers can create their own interactive experiences on Wobble Garden."

"There’s a large version of this called Quantum Garden, which has been developed in collaboration with Quantum Physicists of the University of Turku, Finland."

"Quantum Garden is an interactive installation, visualising a quantum computing simulation, controlled by interacting with 228 touch-sensitive springs."

"A colourful visualisation on LED rings invites players to touch the springs and influence the outcome of the simulation, and then shows the result in a series of abstract circles."

Click here to see a video of the garden in action.