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Interactive Triangular Light Display

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

The designers Hyewon Shin, Eunjeong Ko and Junsung Yi used 312 triangles to make the display, but it can work with as little as 6. The triangles are arranged into hexagonal shapes which form “stereoscopic patterns according to how you design light”, says the trio. The resulting patterns appear to look 3D.

The triangles are touch sensitive, “Just press each piece and various colors will be gradated”.

The team have shared the instructions and design files to make the 6 part version on Instructables. It uses an Arduino Mega to control the Neopixel LEDs and the casings are made from laser cut acrylic and 3D printed PLA. They added a light diffusion film on the acrylic fronts to improve the light quality.

Instructions are available here.