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Interactive Rock Climbing Wall

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

This interactive climbing wall turns a small surface area into a multi-route activity. Each climbing hold has an LED inside, which lights up when it’s part of the selected route.

The designer, Alexia Cohen, has shared the plans for the prototype on Instructables. The LEDs are programmed using an Adafruit Feather board, which is bluetooth enabled so the routes can be controlled with a phone. “The circuit is pretty straight forward, 21 NeoPixels arranged in a chain, separated by long wires to reach from one hold to the next”, says Alexia.

She moulded the holds from Plasteline using hand carving tools and says, “Once you are happy with your form and the surface is smooth, you will want to add a texture. Be creative! anything that you can press into the clay to create texture will be good.”

Instructions are available here.