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Heat Pack Socks

By Mayank Sharma. Posted

Do you have poor circulation in your feet and are your toes always freezing? As a mum and an adventurer, Juanita understands our predicament and the need to keep our feet warm. Her hack repurposes two pairs of old unused socks into one pair of insulated socks that’ll do a lot of good on cold rainy nights.

First, turn one pair of socks inside out and wear them. Then wear the other pair over them the right way out, so that the inside of both the pair on either leg are facing each other. Then refer to Juanita’s Instructable and use chalk to draw lines on the sock, around the base of the foot and running up. Then, remove the sock carefully and use a backstitch to stitch along the lines.

When you’re done, you’ll end up with a series of pockets in the socks. Fill these with rice and stitch some more, and you’re done. Now, microwave the socks for 30 seconds, and put them on.