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OK, this is just odd. We explore some of the ways in which IoT makes life easier, starting on page 38 of HackSpace #43; this IoT project just makes life creepier.

That’s the whole point: its creator, Marc Teyssier, wants to explore the human implications of being watched, all the time, by connected cameras, whether that’s on Skype, Zoom, or the ever-present CCTV. The camera itself is little more than a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Camera Module. But the Eyecam reacts to motion, blinks, and holds eye contact, requiring an Arduino Nano and six servos arranged to mimic the musculature of the human eye socket. It sits in a 3D-printed skull, with silicone skin and, most horrifically of all, has human hair for eyelashes and eyebrows. Big Brother is watching you!

Read more about the build here.

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