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Embroiderable key caps

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

It makes perfect sense to personalise your tools. A woodworker, say, might be holding his mallet for hours every day, so what to a casual sawdust maker may seem like an extravagance, is actually an expression of pride in a job well-done.
So why do so many of us sit in front of the same old keyboard day after day, when we could add a bit of luxury? That’s what Billie Ruben’s offering with her brilliantly simple embroidered keycap design. It has 25 holes arranged in a 5×5 grid, so that you can add thread and customise it with whatever plush tactile design you like.
A word on the printing – because of the fine detail involved in this design, a standard FDM printer is unlikely to perform well enough to make these usable – Billie used an Anycubic Photon resin printer to create these examples.

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