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Crowdfunding now: Inkplate 6PLUS

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

It doesn’t matter how clever your logic is or how fancy your sensors are; a large part of the experience of using your device will be its user interface. This might be a screen, some LEDs, or perhaps even voice control. However, if you want something power-efficient that works well in natural light, e-paper is becoming a great option

This display technology has been around for a while now and is popular in both consumer and industrial products, but it’s been a little slow to take off in the maker world. E-paper displays historically have been expensive and hard to work with, but that’s starting to change now. Smaller displays are now available from a range of maker manufacturers, and larger displays – such as this one from e-radionica – are becoming more affordable.

At its heart, the Inkplate 6PLUS has a recycled Carta panel from a Kindle Paperwhite (or similar) e-reader. This has a resolution of 212 PPI, and a 1.27 second refresh time (this can be decreased with partial refreshes). An ESP32 microcontroller sits alongside this display and brings in WiFi control – it also has excellent support for low-power operation. In sleep mode, it consumes just 22 µA, so it’s a good choice for battery-powered applications.

We’re really enjoying seeing more and more e-paper displays become available for makers. The Inkplate 6PLUS looks like it’ll become a great option.

Price: From $159  |  Delivery: November 2021

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