Corporate Companion

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

One of the downsides of being your own boss is that you don’t get to snigger at inane nonsense dressed up as management speak. Laughing at endless meetings full of ‘blue sky flagpoles’ and ‘leveraging synergies’ have got us through many a dark time, so if you’re missing a middle manager in your life, why not make one yourself, like Eight Bits and a Byte (aka Dane and Nicole) have done.

All it took was an old briefcase, a Raspberry Pi 3 model B to control the thing, plus an MG995 servo motor to make the lid move, plus an Adafruit mini USB external speaker to dispense buzzwords, inspirational quotes, and conflicting and confusing advice. Accessorise with a tie and some googly eyes, and you’ve got a real-life corporate companion.

To see the how it's made head over to their page.

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