Cassette Art

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Chris Barton is an artist with an interesting background in the film industry; creating animatronics for successful franchises including
Star Wars and Harry Potter. Having developed an artistic appreciation for the once-ubiquitous music cassette, he now recreates them in every detail but 64 times larger as sculptural pieces of art.

The construction is meticulous, with hand-painted acrylic on canvas inlays, bespoke cases, and handmade cassettes, faithful in every detail to the original. They are created from a combination of acrylic and a laser-cut wood composite. Operating from his studio in Northamptonshire, around 22 titles have so far been bought by art collectors around the world, with new ones being regularly commissioned. More examples of Chris’s work can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using @chrisbartonart or on his website –

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