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Bamboo Table Lamp

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

Bamboo is a versatile, renewable material for DIY and we’re always pleased to find projects that use it in unusual ways. Here it’s been made into a stunning table lamp by gluing bamboo pieces together around a basketball. When the glue dried, the air was released from the ball to make it easy to remove.

The method means there’s no need to do any electronics, as you can buy a cable with the socket for the bulb already connected to a switch and plug. The maker, EdgarsC1, has a useful tip for cutting bamboo. “I used a metal hand saw because the teeth of the saw are small enough that the bark wouldn’t splinter.”

Edgars made the lamp in secret as a surprise birthday gift for their wife. “In the end I didn’t finish it in time and told her about it. She loved it anyway.”

Instructions to make your own bamboo lamp are available here.

Gluing the bamboo around the basketball