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3D Printed Rubik's Cube Solver

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

We’re used to showing off 3D-printed objects for their looks, but here’s a build that uses the unique qualities of 3D printing to achieve an optimal result.

Laser-cut plywood gears are high friction, so either break or wear out, and machined metal gears take specialist kit and are a lot more work to make. So, when it came to building the gears for this Rubik’s Cube solver, 3D-printed plastic was the best choice.

The robot was built by Matt Keveney of the Ace Monster Toys Makerspace (acemonstertoys.org), who used a colour sensor and a Raspberry Pi Zero to control the motors that turn the cube until it’s solved. It’s a mesmerising thing to see in action, and quite beautifully made.