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3d printed ring-pull helicopter

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

This ingenious ring pull helicopter was made by Stian Ervik Wahlvåg – we’ll let the man himself describe it: “Many of my personal 3D-printing projects are toy-related, and I am fascinated by articulated and mechanical parts. This project started when I was going to review a small and adorable 3D printer (Fulcrum Minibot) with a tiny build volume of 75×70×70 mm, so I needed to make something that did not exceed the build volume.”

“I am a self-taught 3D designer from Norway that started tinkering with 3D modelling 16 years ago. Currently, I work full time as a 3D designer, providing content for a shipping bridge simulator company that delivers solutions for maritime simulations. When I get home from work, I like to spend time with my girlfriend and two kids. Then, after the kids have gone to bed, I retreat to my home office to work on my personal 3D modelling and 3D-printing projects for my YouTube channel – hsmag.cc/7NDnLQ