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3D Printed Meat Alternatives

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Sadly for carnivores, there’s increasing evidence that meat production is bad for the planet. We like to think of ruddy-faced farmers in bucolic countryside scenes, but increasingly cows are reared in vast factory farms, producing greenhouse gases, and industrial quantities of effluent.

One person who wants to give us an alternative is Giuseppe Scionti, CEO of Novameat. He’s developed a printer that uses a mixture of pea and rice protein to create entirely plant-based steaks.

3D model of steak

3D printing isn’t incidental to this manufacturing process – it’s what gives it its defining characteristic. Pea and rice mushed together doesn’t sound too meaty, but the lines deposited by the printer mimic muscle fibres in animal meat, giving a steak-like appearance and texture.

Novameat can make steak and chicken – pork, lamb, and salmon are coming soon