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3D Printed Home

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

We’ve seen 3D-printed buildings before, but the leap forward here is that
this one meets local building codes for a residential building – that means it’s a massive step up from a proof of concept, and is something that can actually be lived in.

The 3D-printed part of this 350-square foot home took two days to print, and cost around $10,000. That’s fast and cheap, compared with traditional methods. And it needs to be, because the aim is to take 3D printing technology to the developing world, to help improve living standards for the estimated one billion people without access to adequate housing.

The project is a joint venture between New Story, a non-profit focused on improving housing, and ICON, a firm with expertise in large-scale 3D printing.

The house was printed in ICON’s Vulcan II printer, which uses a proprietary concrete blend called Lavacrete. The maximum print height is 8.5 feet, and width is 28 feet – and it needs 4–6 people to operate it. If you feel like having a go yourself, they’ll be on sale from 2020. More info at www.iconbuild.com.